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Welcome to the Magical World of WulfWorks Visionary Art

Here is where you will find my works in progress and newest art, with commentary on my process. I will even throw in a few tips on techniques and materials along the way. This is also where I will post hot deals on originals or prints, limited editions, and discount packages.

I believe that Intuitive Feminine Art is a form of magic that can help to uplift the world. Let yourself be inspired! Check back often, or sign up for my blog, so you don’t miss anything.

Don’t forget to visit my WulfWorks Visionary Art Gallery where you can view most of my work to date. You can even order prints-on-demand and cards of any pieces you like.

Welcoming More Intuitive Feminine Artists

I would also love to highlight other female artists here. Send me a link to your website if you are an artist who likes to collaborate. I will let you know if I feel like it is a good fit for this site which is focused on feminine, visionary art. Email Bernadette Wulf

It’s not that I don’t like male artists. Some of them are fabulous! I just feel that women have been under-represented in the art world for many centuries. I’d like to give my artistic sisters a little boost. Just my way of supporting the return of the goddess through Intuitive Feminine Art.

Where Did the Practical Magic Go?

If you came here looking for the previous incarnation of this site, all the Magical and Law of Attraction pages have been moved to my Faehallows School of Magic site

Co-Creating a New Reality through Intuitive Feminine Art

Come back to visit soon. Let’s connect and support each other in awakening the world to a higher dimension of creativity, love, joy, sustainability, magic, and abundance for all as we step into the New Dawn.

We can do this! “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” and all that fun stuff. The world is awash in craziness, but we don’t have to get swallowed up in it. We can rise above the chaos, and inspirational Art can help!

We all need to find an oasis of peace and inspiration, where we can connect with our Inner Truth. For me, it is Art and Nature. Creating Art, and viewing the inspiring Art of others, always renews my faith in humanity. I hope some of that faith shines through my Art to uplift your soul and make your world a bit more magical.

Photo of Bernadette Wulf by Benjamin Aronoff

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