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archetype - queen of wands“I am the Queen of Wands and this is my tale…

“I have devoted my life to the ways of spirituality and creativity. I love tending to the seeds of spirit, and I plant these seeds in a quiet persistent way within the people around me. All my words have an underlying meaning, and I speak with purpose.”

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Bernadette Wulf Bio

Do You Ever Feel Like You Walk Between Two Very Different Worlds?

I feel that way quite often!

The mundane outer world – as represented by the media, schools, government agencies, shopping malls, patriarchy, our modern medical system, the military-industrial complex, financial systems, hierarchical religions, corporations, and agribusiness – is very different from the Magical world I know.

Then there is the world of nature – with its complex ecosystems, living elements, and endless creative energy – which is far more real to me than the big box stores, political games, and banks of our modern world. But we are living in both worlds at once.

We can see that one of these worlds seems headed for disaster. The other world holds the promise of healing, wholeness, abundance, and harmony. You and I may see it, but apparently many others cannot. I don’t know why that is, but my work is to help more people find the magical awareness of their own Inner Truth, if they are ready and willing to see it.

We can walk in the Otherworlds of the Inner planes where we meet our guides, angels, faeries, power animals, ancestors, and the gods and goddesses of myth and legend. This is the world where we shape reality, yet many people deny that it even exists.

For example, most people will say that nature spirits, elves, or faeries are not real, yet they are certainly true. I know, because I’ve seen them and communicated with them. I also have a faery website,, so I get emails from people all over the world who tell me that they see and hear the fae. That always makes my day! You can read more about that below.

Visionary Art

I paint what one of my art teachers called “ethereal” paintings. They don’t fit into the muggle world very well, but those who walk between the worlds recognize the Magic in them. I was born an artist. It is the first thing I ever wanted to be as a child and I spent endless hours drawing with crayons on our family dining room table – well, actually on paper my dad brought home from his teaching job, not on the table itself! You can check out my art at

q-mecroppedThe Health and Wellness Connection

Another great childhood passion was animals. Anything with four legs, fur, feathers, scales, or otherwise non-human life drew me like a magnet. When I grew up, I even owned a pet shop for several years (not something I recommend as a lucrative business venture).

Animals and nature were and always will be central to my life and interests. Love of animals led me to become a vegetarian. I still remember the day, over 40 years ago, when I bit into a piece of fried chicken and realized it was part of an animal that once had a life of its own. I could never eat meat again! Little did I know that one day I would have a companion who is a distant relative of that chicken, a blue and gold macaw named Q. He has been my good buddy for 22 years.

My radical change in diet led to a fascination with nutrition. I didn’t know any vegetarians back then and most people I knew thought you needed meat to be healthy. Wrong! I’ve been studying nutrition ever since and have learned that vegetarians are usually healthier than meat eaters.

Eventually this led to getting my Naturopath degree. I also developed a strong interest in energy healing which led to becoming a Reiki Master, Bars certification, and mastering the art of EFT – (“tapping” or energy psychology) and Matrix Reimprinting. You can find out more about all that at

Sustainable Living

Nature and natural lifestyles have always been a central theme in my life, like when I spent a year in my early 20s working full time at a Bio-dynamic French Intensive garden started by Alan Chadwick.

Now I continue working to raise awareness of the importance of composting, environmental activism, and organic gardening and farming. It all fits into the Magical world of nature, but it’s not always easy in the commercial muggle world. Some people just don’t get it, and I don’t get why they don’t. Seems so obvious to me, but then I’m walking between the worlds.

I created to fill in the blanks for people who want to learn more about stewarding our planet. I hope school kids will use it as a resource for learning about sustainability and nature.

Bernadette Wulf - wulfworks.comLaw of Attraction

In the mid 90s, I discovered the Abraham-Hicks teachings on Law of Attraction. Suddenly a lot of things started fitting together and making sense. We really do live in a Magical world where “Ask and you shall receive” is absolutely true. I was raised Catholic and had heard that quote from the gospels all my life, yet none of the Catholics I knew even seemed to believe it. But here was Abraham stating it as fact.

It took me several years to change my negative thought patterns as Abraham recommended, and I’m still improving. Once I discovered how much more smoothly life can flow when we simply raise our vibration, I was inspired to offer Law of Attraction Coaching to teach others how Law of Attraction works.

Using a combination of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) & Matrix Reimprinting with Law of Attraction can blast open positive new potentials as we discover the truth that sets us free! I just love it when my clients have those Ah Ha! moments. You can find more information about my Magical-Life Coaching at

Then There’s the Magical Stuff – My Favorite!

I was a weird kid. I’ll admit it. My mother frequently told me so. Weird actually means Magical, though I’m sure that is not what she meant. Even so, she was right.

Cerridwen - Goddess of wisdom Here’s a secret I haven’t shared with many people, and it shows how very weird I was, even as a kid. Remember the wise old crones living in the woods who are found in so many fairy tales? Celtic shamanic scholar Tom Cowan says that is another name for white witches. They are often the ones who provide magical solutions – for a price. It was my childhood ambition to become a wise woman in the woods when I got old.

Well, I’m no spring chicken anymore. I even had a crone ritual to celebrate a recent birthday. Like I said, I’m weird. Whether I am wise is for someone else to determine!

Aside from faeries, I’ve seen a lot of other things that people in the muggle world don’t usually see. At first I wondered if I was crazy. Why couldn’t other people see this stuff? I usually kept it to myself so I wouldn’t be judged – and because I remembered being persecuted in past lives. Yikes! That was no fun.

However, I have discovered quite a few other Lightworkers in the world who are just as weird as I am – in a good way. They too have many Magical experiences. You might be one of them. They write books, teach workshops, hold rituals, and connect with each other through the Internet. Some of them are weird as in STRANGE and deluded – not the ones I choose to spend time with! Others are weird as in wonderfully perceptive, intuitive, and aware of the Magical world. Those I continually learn from.

Celtic Mystery Wisdom – The Roots of Magic

Most of my life I was a spiritual seeker. I read so many books as a teenager on Vedanta, Buddhism, Taoism, psychics, magic, psychology, spiritualism, astrology, Edgar Cayce, and the like. Did I mention that I was a weird kid?

It wasn’t until I connected with the spiritual roots and mystery wisdom of my Irish and Celtic ancestry that I began to feel that I had found what I was seeking for so many years. What started out as a personal spiritual journey eventually led to the formation of Faehallows School of Magic at

The Faery Way

faery magicFaehallows magic is faery magic – “fae” magic. Faeries have been both demonized and trivialized by the modern muggle world. In my experience, faeries are not the least bit demonic or trivial, though they can be spiteful toward those who disrespect them or nature.

Irish faery tradition tells us that faeries are tall, powerful, shining, and beautiful beings, much like elves are described in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books. They are called the Sidhe.

These faeries are synonymous with the ancient gods and goddesses of Ireland, known as the Tuatha de Danaan or tribe of the goddess Danu. Legends tell us that they brought four Sacred Hallows to Earth – The Sword of Light, The Spear of Victory, The Stone of Destiny, and The Cauldron of Plenty. These are the sacred faery hallows or fae hallows. These hallows came from the four directions and are connected with the four elements. Together they represent what later came to be called the Holy Grail.

Of course there are many other kinds of faeries and nature spirits in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In fact, they are shape shifters who can change the way they look according to how we perceive them. They are all living in harmony with nature and supporting the natural world.

My faery and nature spirit friends have their very own website, because they asked for a place where people could learn about them online. Very modern faeries! I was happy to oblige. I love sharing faery lore with anyone interested, and I’ve met some wonderful people through the site.

Of course, working with the fae has led to many Otherworld journeys. Some people call these shamanic journeys, though the word shaman comes from an entirely different culture. The Celtic and pre-Celtic races had their own well-developed traditions of traveling in the Otherworlds called Immrama. This is what we call “walking between the worlds.”

Can You Relate?

I was blessed with a vivid imagination, powerful intuition, multiple talents, and the heart of a seeker. In the muggle world those gifts can be experienced as a curse. Maybe you have had a similar experience.

We don’t really fit in anywhere. Some people may even say we are delusional. I’ve had people get angry just because I spoke of my experiences with faeries. Sorry, but it is time for all of us to “embrace our inner weirdo,” as Panache Desai put it. If that makes people angry, it is only because they are afraid to embrace their own weirdness and their spiritual nature. Being Magical in a muggle world can be very challenging!

shamanic power animalIt took me a long time, but I finally realized that I didn’t have to change myself to fit into muggle reality. Our purpose is to simply be ourselves just the way we are and let reality fit itself around us. In so doing, we consciously participate in changing the entire world.

If you watch the muggle news you won’t see that the world is changing very much, at least not in a positive direction, but in truth we are all co-creating a new reality together. More and more people are waking up to realize that they have the power and the response-ability to choose the direction of their thoughts, and therefore the direction of their life, thereby changing the direction of the world. We are making a big difference. Soon this will be obvious to even the densest minds on the planet.

It is such an exciting time to be alive! So much is changing so fast. The stakes are high, maybe higher than they have ever been in the history of humanity. It can be daunting to think about all that could go wrong and all that has already seemed to go wrong. That is the negative trap we can fall into. We can become overwhelmed with the hugeness and complexity of what appears to be evil. But does that feel heavy or light? Heavy right? Really heavy! That means it is all a lie!

If it feels heavy it is a lie. I learned that from Access Consciousness and I know it is true. That gives us a clue about how we can get out of the “reality” trap. Just find something lighter to think about. Each time we think about something that feels lighter, some of the darkness disappears.

That is the Magic of changing consciousness at will. It is SHIFTING the world. And that is my life purpose. I suspect it may be yours as well.

Other Assorted Facts

I am a mother of two wonderful young adults, and recently became a Grammy to the cutest little boys I could ever want to meet!

My Animal Totems: Hummingbird, Grey Wolf, Dragon, Pegasus/Horse, Raven, Owl,
Rabbit, Tree frog, and Grey Whale

Riding the Golden DragonAstrology: Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon, Sagittarius Rising
Human Design: 1/3 Projector
Myers-Brigs: INFP
Enneagram: 5 with a 4 wing (I love personality typing systems.)
Order of Melchizedek
Dragon Rider

My faery guide told me I was here to “Teach the Faery Way.”

A Word About Professionalism

I realize that this website may seem rather unprofessional. I’ve decided to break out of that mainstream muggle mindset for a good reason. I like to color outside the lines!

Just think about it. What image comes to mind when you think of a “professional?”

  • A man in an uncomfortable necktie sitting in a cubicle?
  • A woman in painfully high heels carrying a briefcase?
  • Someone in a white coat pushing legal drugs with a list of side effects as long as your arm?

How do those images make you feel?
How do they affect your world?

I don’t know about you, but those images feel heavy and awkward to me. In my reality they are false. Unless those people are ecstatic about what they are doing, they are living a lie. They are slaves to a system that I don’t choose to support anymore. In that system people are considered “normal” and successful when they compromise their dreams for a big paycheck, and we’ve been trained to reject anything that is not normal. We are expected to respect people who compromise their own well-being for money and status. No thanks!

It is time to turn that around. One of my coaches, Morgana Rae, once told me, “Your wealth is in your weirdness.” That statement alone made her coaching worth the cost. Not only is my wealth in my weirdness, but my freedom and joy is too! And so is yours. What makes you weird?

Truth is being who I really am, no matter how weird, rather than trying to fit into a normal professional mold. I feel like you deserve the truth, not a “professional” facade.

Bright Blessings,

Photos of Bernadette Wulf by Benjamin Aronoff and Will Haynes

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