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angel faery card readingsFaery/Angel Card Readings & Shamanic Vision Quests

Do You Have a Burning Question or an Issue that Needs Clarification? Faery & Angel Card Readings are amazingly accurate.

Inner Guides, Angels and Faeries Have Answers!

My Faery friends, Angels and Guides have been assisting me for decades in card readings and I have come to trust their answers and their ability to shift negative energy to bring about healing. Quite a few of my Inner Contacts have made themselves available to help others – like you! You will find images of many of them on the pages of this site.

Some of the most powerful gods and goddesses of different cultures have assisted me in helping clients all over the world, for which I am eternally grateful. These are ancient beings who help to orchestrate creation and the balance of the worlds. Even though some of them have been all but forgotten by the modern world, they continue to work behind the scenes and they are very real indeed. It is wonderful and amazing that they are willing to help us humans on our path through life.

I would love to do a reading on your behalf to:

  • find answers to your questions
  • bring back wisdom from the Otherworlds
  • ask my Inner Contacts to assist in your healing
  • ask my Inner Contacts to clear negative energy

Sekhmet - card readingsI Am Just the Messenger

Healing or answering your questions is a co-creative process between your Higher Self and mine. I work with wise beings who have a much broader perspective than I do in my 3D awareness. I bring back what they tell me and pass it on to you through email. Sometimes it comes as a flash of insight, or noticing synchronicity in the cards. Other times it becomes a channeled message that comes through when I’m writing up your email.

Sometimes my contacts will assign a task or tasks for you to do. As you will frequently find in fairy tales, the tasks may seem nonsensical, like kissing a frog. If you receive a task like that, don’t laugh it off.

These tasks are powerful rituals that can shift a lot of energy by working on your subconscious mind. Remember what happened when the princess kissed the frog!

magical power animals - card readings

Faery/Angel Card Readings & Shamanic Visualization Journeys

I will ask my Inner Contacts for answers to your questions, and for wisdom, healing and clearing in your life. You will receive your reply by E-mail

Please clearly state your question (if you have one), or your desire for healing or clearing when you send your payment. There is a message box on the PayPal page that you can fill out when you send in your payment, or you can email me your questions or concerns. That being said, sometimes the answers you get will be what your Higher Self wants you to know, rather than a direct, logical answer. Trust it. I have never seen them make “mistakes.”

If you have a preference for messages from angels, faeries, power animals, or any particular other type of being, please indicate that as well. Thank You!

Order Your Reading

Mini – Card Reading Only 33.00! – Delivered by email. This is a basic reading covering past, present, & future probabilities.

Regular Card Reading 66.00 – Card Reading plus intuitive Messages from Your Guides & Power Animals – Delivered by email. This is a more comprehensive reading with channeled information from your guides – faeries, angels, power animals, ancestors, and/or deities.

Live Reading 99.00 – Shamanic Vision Quest Visualization Journey via Skype or Phone – I will guide you on an inner quest as we travel together in the Otherworlds to seek answers to your questions, or messages from your guides and power animals.

Reading Options

How a Live Shamanic Reading Works

Here’s an example from Robert Moss of how a Live Reading Shamanic Vision Quest Visualization Journey can work – always different, always fascinating! We can go into your dream, a myth, a childhood memory, or visit a place or person you have always been drawn to. Where would you like to look for healing, wisdom, or inspiration?

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