Awakening to Freedom!

Changing Reality from the Inside Out

Changing Reality from the Inside Out

 What if you could change your reality
as easily as you can change your radio station?

Discover Your Magic!There are as many ways to change reality as there are moments in a day. If you pay attention, you will notice magic everywhere. It is as simple as what Abraham-Hicks calls moving into the vortex. When you move into the vortex, it is like changing the station on your radio. Suddenly, everything sounds and feels better.

Sure, life will always be unpredictable and sometimes even challenging, but for every challenge there is a magical response to help us move into the vortex. You will find lots of them on my Practical Magic page. Look for magical doorways and slip right through them into a different perspective. The more fun you make it, the faster your reality will change. True Magic can transform every aspect of your life:

  • Financial Abundance
  • Loving Relationships
  • Vibrant Health
  • Creative Expression
  • Enhanced Freedom & Joy

How Can You Use Magic
to Help Yourself and Others?

Real magic can create deep and profound changes in your life. Whenever it seems that there are only two paths or two ways of seeing reality, look for a third way. When you follow it, you will find yourself in the enchanted and magical reality of “fair Elfland” – and your life will never be dull or mundane again!

This is the path of the seeker. In fairy tales, seekers often meet talking animals that help them find their way. Shamans call these power animals. We may also meet inner guides in human form who may be ancestors, gods or goddesses, faeries, nature spirits, or angelic beings. These magical journeys are experienced on the inner planes where we “walk between the worlds.”

Find Your Lost Magic - wulfworks.comThe inner planes are real. Though they exist in the realm of imagination, they are also an etheric template of the material world. Everything that exists in the material world is formed in the etheric realm – first as a thought or idea, and then as a material manifestation. So, when you want to make changes, it is always best to start with imagination to shape the etheric template of your idea.

Sometimes magical fairy tale journeys are quite absurd or even comical. The successful seekers were often the youngest of three sisters or brothers, or even outright fools, which should give us a clue that Magic reveals itself to our childlike awareness.

It is nothing to take too seriously!

So, if you feel stuck, or reality is just too much to handle, step off the beaten path and reconnect with your magical self. Play, dance, act like a kid again. You will find that solutions are really not so far away.

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