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Five Magical Laws

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Five Magical Laws

I call these magical laws, because they can seem magical to us, and they are indeed the basis for understanding how magic works. Just because most people don’t have a clue about them doesn’t mean they are free from the magical laws. We are all affected, whether we know it or not. One of the joys of magic is learning to work WITH these universal laws, rather than against them.

There are only a few simple magical laws to remember:

The Law of Reflection

“As within, so without” can also be stated as: “As above so below,” or “The microcosm reflects the macrocosm.” In other words, what we experience in our outer lives will always be a reflection of our inner reality. Your external life is a perfect picture of what you have been feeling and thinking inside – with a bit of a time delay. It is vitally important that you change your inner consciousness if you want to change your external circumstances. The Magical Tools listed at the bottom of the Practical Magic page are designed to help you shift to a higher and lighter inner vibration that will attract the good things you want in your external life.

The Law of Vibration

Everything that exists is made of energy and energy is always vibrating. The way it vibrates determines what it will attract. Just like a plucked string on a guitar, everything in life vibrates at a certain frequency. When a particular note or frequency is plucked, all similar strings will start to Working with Magical Lawsvibrate on other guitars in the room. But the strings that don’t play that note will not respond.

It is the same in our lives. When we vibrate at a certain emotional or thought frequency, we activate everything in our experience that resonates with that frequency. A bad mood will activate lots of things going wrong and other grumpy people will be activated in our experience. A good mood will activate things that flow smoothly, and friendly, happy people will be drawn into our experience. (Don’t forget to allow for a time delay.)

The Law of Allowing

The Law of Allowing means simply observing everything without reaction or judgement. The more we can observe without deciding whether we are for or against something, the more we are free to interact with it in the moment, or simply let it go.

Most of our “not allowing” comes in the form of resistance. Whatever we resist will persist. Stop resisting and you will stop vibrating at the same frequency as the thing you don’t want. Your attention against it will keep it in your experience. Allowing it will set you free. Loving it is a form of allowing.

The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction simply means, “Like attracts like.” When we are vibrating in a particular way, things and people of similar vibrations will be drawn to us. Law of Attraction is very much connected with Law of Allowing and Law of Vibration. All the laws work together to attract what we experience in life.

To improve our lives in any way, we have to change our attraction point, which means spending more time feeling good. This will raise our vibration so, in time, we attract more things that feel good.

You may have also heard of the magical rule – “Harm none; do what you will.” That’s just common sense, really. When you harm anyone or anything, you create the vibration of harm, so guess what will come back to you eventually. That’s Law of Attraction in Action.

The Law of Asking

“Ask and it is given.” We will only get what we ask for. The way we ask is through our vibration. It is actually a command, rather than begging for what we want from some external source.

We can also ask consciously with words and pictures. This will make the asking much stronger, but the important thing is that we are clear about what we want and that we are already feeling good when we ask for it. If we ask out of a feeling of lack, we will attract more lack.

Beneath all our desires, we want to feel good, right? All the houses, money, cars, friends, family, lovers, health, beauty, or whatever else we may want are simply things we think will make happy. But often they don’t, once we actually have them. So why not just go for the real thing? Why not ask to feel good and then let the other stuff show up as a bonus?

When you know how to ask
for what you really want,
you WILL get it!

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