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Prepare for Big Changes

Prepare for Big Changes

Mother Earth is Transforming

I always take prophecies with a grain of salt. Sure, some of them are accurate, but many are not. The reason is that a seer can only see probable realities that may or may not come to pass. There are many possible timelines unfolding. We can jump from one to another very quickly. So, depending on the intentions of humans and other beings on our planet, any prophecy can change in the twinkling of an eye.

That being said, I found this latest update from Sheldan Nidle very interesting. He has been promising us money for a long time now, and always there are delays. I suppose I will believe it when I see it, but that is not my focus. I can manifest enough money to thrive without the promised funds… though it would be fun to receive them.

Mother Earth RisingWhat I find really fascinating are the prophecies about Earth. Sheldon channels the Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters. Can we trust them? Can we trust him? I will have to leave that to your own intuition and gut feeling. I will say that I trust them up to a point, but I will never give my power and autonomy away to anyone, no matter how enlightened they appear to be. I am watchful and vigilant. I suggest that you never take anyone else’s word for anything. Always refer to your own intuition and trust it above all.

But here’s what caught my interest in Sheldon’s latest post:

Excerpt from

“Gaia, as she waits for our landings to occur [the Galactic Federation ships], is continuing to prepare for the great catastrophe that is to consume the present surface area. Over the past year, the numbers of volcanic movements, tsunamis, and earthquakes have increased. These are happening to move the surface and generally preparing you for what is to come. Earth has been in this position ever since the fall of Atlantis. She is giving us a warning to increase the speed of those changes needed to redo your global societies and move them easily into Inner Earth. We are aware of this and have informed our earthly allies to permit the prerequisites needed for us to land to be greatly increased. Gaia deeply desires to return herself to her former 5-D self. It makes her uneasy to have this split between an inner 5-D reality and an outer 3-D realm.”

Faeries in the Hollow Earth - AEThere is a lot more in the post, but let’s just look at this paragraph. Gaia, our Mother Earth, is waiting for the ETs to land? Maybe. I really don’t know, but I do know that we have been having more than the usual number of “natural disasters,” which Earth probably wouldn’t consider disasters at all. She does seem to be shaking things up.

Does this mean we will all be moved to a new Inner Earth home? It sounds very strange until you think about the legends of the Irish faeries who once lived in our world, but later moved into the Hollow Hills and are said to live there still. They were able to do that because they are vibrating at a higher dimensional frequency than we are.

According to Master Guide Kirael, the Elves/Faeries already went through the Shift that we are now experiencing. They now live in the dimension that we are rapidly moving toward. Whether they will reunite with our world in this new dimension, or move into a higher one remains to be seen. I, for one, would love to share their world. They seem so much more sane than humans, LOL.

One thing I do know is that strange events are in the works. Something really big and wonderful is happening and we get to be part of it. I’m not saying it will come without challenges, but I think when we check out of this life we will look back on it as the most thrilling ride ever!

Are you ready for change? I hope so. Hang onto your hat!