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Stepping Into the 5th Dimension

Stepping Into the 5th Dimension

HathorPlaying With the Hathors

When I lived in Mt. Shasta, I used to attend Hathor gatherings with Claire Heartsong. They were the highlight of my week, because of the high energy that came from singing random tones with a group of people who often broke into peals of laughter. Sometimes the singing was chaotic and strange, and other times it shifted into angelic harmonies when everyone got on the same wavelength. Either way, it was always uplifting and healing, and the presence of the Hathors was strongly felt.

The Hathors are higher-dimensional beings, often said to reside on the planet Venus. They are known for their playful humor and their focus on sound healing. In the Egyptian pantheon, Hathor is the goddess of fertility, love, joy, and motherhood. She is usually shown with cow ears and is sometimes called the cow goddess.

Tom Kenyon has been working with the Hathors for many years, and he offers channeled messages from them, including sound healing tracks you can download. I found his latest message really inspiring  Р

The sound healing mp3 for this messages is called A Bridge Between the Worlds, so of course it caught my fancy It is important to read the Hathor message before listening, and definitely don’t listen to the mp3 while driving or doing anything else that requires focused attention.

Hathors sound healing and humorBridging Time, Space & Beyond

Anything that bridges 3rd & 4th dimensional consciousness with the higher dimensions of 5th and beyond feels like my playground. That is what I came here to do on Earth. It hasn’t always been easy,¬† because most of the world doesn’t play that way.

Stepping into the 5th dimension can be disorienting, because concepts of time and space lose their importance, but I think anyone who has ever been passionately involved in anything must have had that experience. Falling in love, writing, painting, meditating, gardening, reading a good book, or anything that makes you lose track of time can become a 5th dimensional experience. The normal expectations of life are temporarily set aside as your consciousness expands beyond the mundane constraints of ordinary reality… or what seems ordinary in our physical experience. But we are so much more than physical, and that is what this new mp3 of Tom’s can help us experience.

The 5th dimension feels expansive and ripe with potential, so it is a vital connection for any sort of creative artist. Have a listen and see how it makes you feel. I’d love to hear about your experience.