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Walk Between the Worlds

Walk Between the Worlds

What Does it Mean to Walk Between the Worlds?

rumi quoteIf you are a lightworker and systems buster, you are here to change reality by finding a hidden path between the illusions of external reality and the constructs of your mind. Here you discover the inner dimensions of Truth – often populated with power animals, spirit teachers, angels, guides, and faeries. It is a path of expanded consciousness that leads beyond the known and expected reality of the mundane world.

Every time we expand our consciousness in this way, we change the entire world, because we are all connected. We are doing it right now. The best way to change external reality is by changing our consciousness. That is what true magic is all about.

When we shift our consciousness out of the status quo, we choose a third path that leads beyond duality. This path has been described as the “bonny bonny road” in the Celtic shamanic tradition. In the tale of Thomas the Rhymer, the Queen of Elfland takes Thomas across the river that runs with all the blood that has ever been shed on Earth. Their path then branches off into three separate directions and the Elf Queen says to Thomas:

Between the Worlds copyright Bernadette Wulfo see ye not yon narrow road
that’s a’ beset wi’ thorn and briar?
that is the Path of Righteousness
and few there be that there aspire

and see ye not yon wide smooth road
that winds across the lily leaven?
that is the Path of Wickedness
though many ca’ it the Road to Heaven

and see ye not yon bonny, bonny road
that winds across the ferny brae?
that is the path to fair Elfland
there you and I this night maun gae

This “bonny, bonny road that winds across the ferny brae” is the third road that leads us to expanded non-dual consciousness and the magic of the faery realm where the templates of nature are created. There we transcend the polarized concepts of righteousness and wickedness, as Rumi so poetically stated, and the belief that we have to choose one or the other. It is the path of imagination, truth, and inner exploration. I think of it as the faery way, which is the path of balance and sustainability that leads us beyond mundane, normal reality, and illusions of good and evil.

If this path calls to you, I invite you to join me in uplifting the world from the inside out!

A surprising number of my clients have a connection with faeries and nature spirits. They find me through my website. I’ve often been told I’m a bit of a faery myself! What about you? Do you walk the faery way?

I frequently receive emails from people who are just waking up to the reality of the faery realm. Either they see or hear faeries, or they suspect that they may be incarnated faeries! Quite a few people seem to be incarnating from the faery realm now to help heal the damage humans have done to our planet and to help facilitate our shift to a more expanded consciousness. The faeries have already been through their own shift, so they can help us as we move through ours.

In my online school, Faehallows School of Magic, I teach the spiritual Magic of Celtic mystery wisdom, including the Magical Law of Attraction, shamanic visualization journeys (called Immrama in the Celtic tradition), and working with the faeries. If you hear the ancient call of the Bard, pay us a visit at

Walking Between the Worlds may take you on a very different path from mine, but even so, we are all working together to create a world of freedom and abundance for all beings, just because we imagine it to be so.

You may say I’m a dreamer,
but I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

– John Lennon

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